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Border Collie Care Redding CA

Perhaps one of the most active dog breeds, Border Collies are well known as herding dogs due to their energy and general temperament. So how should you take care of a Border Collie? What can kind of dog training should you give it in order to become the perfect house pet?

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Border Collie Care

Different dog breeds have different temperaments. This cannot be more evident than in Border Collies. Perhaps one of the most active dog breeds, these dogs are well known as herding dogs due to their energy and general temperament. This is because a Border Collie is a born leader; it is naturally aggressive and, when it detects the lack of a strong leader in its surroundings or living environment, can tend to take away the leadership from the real leader of the pack. Border Collies can be great pets if you know how to take care of them, but they can be quite lousy and easily tired if you do not know how to deal with its natural characteristics.

So how should you take care of a Border Collie? What can kind of dog training should you give it in order to become the perfect house pet?

Understanding the Border Collie

Before you go to dog care, you need to first understand how this dog’s general attitude and physical attributes.

Medium sized and very active, Border Collies are known for being hardworking and intelligent. Although, as mentioned several times here, Border Collies are active, these dogs are not necessarily known for their physical beauty. Therefore, those who want aesthetically beautiful dogs should reconsider their choice. In any case, what makes the Border Collie smart is its keen awareness of its surroundings. Because of this, it can be trained to the high possible level.

Border Collies can thrive in dog training because they can thrive on praises. With the proper praises, they can be quite diligent. This makes them great pack leaders (hence, Border Collies are the natural choice for herding dogs). They excel in sports and in any physical work (such as farm work). However, this is only possible if the dog gets ample exercise. Border Collies have the natural need to be active. Without exercise, they be tired both physically and intellectually, rendering their high stamina utterly useless.

And what does that entail? Simple: a Border Collie should always be doing something. You need to be able to provide it with activities. Because of its high intellect, it cannot be left idle for too long. Left with nothing to do, Border Collies tend to get noisy, sensitive, and even destructive. So while Border Collies are great with children (meaning they do not pose a threat to them at all), they can be quite a nuisance when left alone with nothing to do.

Is it right for you?

Therefore, a Border Collie is not the ideal dog if you cannot keep up with its energy and need for constant activity. If you cannot provide the dog with constant exercise, the Border Collie can be quite bothersome. Border Collies, then, should thrive well in areas with wide open spaces—places where it can run and roam free. The city life (especially if it’ll be stuck in an apartment all day long) is not ideal for the Border Collie.

Border Collies can also have separation anxiety; leave them alone for too long and it tends to be destructive and restless. Strangely enough, despite their energy, Border Collies don’t do well with strangers. They can be shy (or suspicious) of strangers if you do not teach them how to socialize.

On the other hand, if you can hand an active and athletic dog that is eager to please, this dog is for you. Collies are versatile and, with the proper dog training, can be trained to do practically anything. This energy is also great if you have children, since Border Collies will not hesitate to play with them all day long.

Border Collie dog care

How do you take care of a Border Collie so you can take full advantage of its abilities and positive characteristics?

Needless to say, it needs exercise—lots and lots of it. But more than physical exercise, the Border Collie also needs mental stimulation. Collies get bored easily, after all, hence their tendency to chew furniture when left alone. Dog training is important for the Border Collie; not only will dog training teach the Collie not be destructive, it will also give it the proper tools for self mental stimulation. Training is also necessary because Collies tend to stalk moving objects. It can even kill small animals if not trained properly due to its propensity to chase and stalk. This makes the Collie not a good companion for other nom-canine pets.

But dog training in this case can be difficult, ironically because of their intellect. Again, Border Collies are very aware of their surroundings. Because of that, they are aware of the situation (dog training, in this case) and can turn the situation to its advantage. Because they are eager to please, Border Collies can also be very sensitive. Too harsh a criticism can cause the dog to freeze up. Lastly, their boundless energy can make them too active during dog training. Border Collies are highly trainable, but they are dogs that can be quite a task to train for inexperienced trainers.

As for health issues, whiles Border Collies should be generally healthy, they can also be bothered by a number of hereditary diseases. Trapped Neutrophil Syndrome, Ceroid Leufusconis, and Collie Eye Anamay are some of the inherent diseases a Border Collie can suffer from. Of course, it should be noted that not all Collies are alike.

So what’s the general recommendation for Border Collies? Border Collies are active, so they cannot be kept as a household pet. In fact, these dogs are not household pets to begin with, due to their active nature. If you cannot keep up with its active lifestyle, you should choose another dog breed as your pet. Forcing the Collie to be a house pet can only held to complications (such as ailments and behavior problems)/ However, if you live in a place where the dog can have a lot of things to do (such as a farm), then a Border Collie should feel right at home.