How to Grow Hair Long Bakersfield CA

Although there are no special medications or procedures that can help your hair growing naturally, that are techniques and ways that can be employed to make sure long hair growing will be successful. Just like any other part of the body, one’s hair will flourish if it is taken care of properly.

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How to Grow Hair Long

Almost every girl dreams of having long, luscious hair. It can redefine a look and make someone look for better or for worse. Of course, today, people are more accepting with the kind of hairstyles a woman has. But this doesn’t mean women no longer desire to have long hair. Now, although there are no special medications or procedures that can help your hair growing naturally, that are techniques and ways that can be employed to make sure long hair growing will be successful. Just like any other part of the body, one’s hair will flourish if it is taken care of properly.

Here are some ways that can help promote long hair growing:


Basically, these are not techniques. Before you try to figure out any other technique, it is first imperative that you know what hair tools can promote hair health. Unknown to many, there are tools that can actually damage the hair, hence hindering you from actually growing your hair. For instances, instead of using a rat-tail comb, experts suggest the use of wide-tooth combs instead. They do not only work through your unruly hair; they are also much gentler to the hair and the scalp, allowing for proper hair growth. Soft bristle brushes work marvelously too. Since they are soft, you will not run the risk of damaging your hair—and they are get if you’re products too!

In this case, however, the best and safest hair tool is your fingers. When fixing your hair, use your fingers to untangle your strands before using the comb. This way, you’ve already worked on your hair before using potentially damaging tools.

You can still use accessories on your hair during your hair growing period, but you need to be careful with the materials and accessories that you use. Make sure they will not damage your damage and hinder the long hair growing process. No-teeth headbands, hair clips, and hair pins are safe enough not to damage your hair.

Protective styling

A more definite technique for hair growing and to mention hair health is the use of protective styling. As the name suggests, these styles protect your hair (more specifically, the end tip of your hair) from getting damaged. Your hair’s end tip is the most vulnerable to elements that can damage your hair. By using these protective styling, you can hold your hair’s moisture, preventing potential dryness and breakage.

A bun is the simplest protective style, a great style to use when hair growing. You would need elastic bands and hairpins and form your hair into a bun—and you’re all set! Braids and the two-strand twists also work as great protective styling; although the twist works on natural hair, while braids seem too childish and inappropriate in certain settings. Surprisingly, weaves can actually promote hair growth and long hair growing. The weaves end up being the exposed part of the hair, especially when it is installed under your natural hair. Of course, you cannot leave your natural hair uncared for while using a weave. Nonetheless, it works as a great alternative when hair growing—and it can protect your hair too! What more can you ask for?

Hair growing and hair health tips

Of course, you need actual steps that can help you grow your precious hair. The first one is very simple (so simple that you end up disregarding it): having a healthy lifestyle. Studies have shown that hair growth is connected to your body, including the things that you ate and consume. Cigarette smoking affects hair health, for instance. Needless to say, a balanced diet, proper exercise, ample amounts of water, among others, can help you grown healthy hair. But this isn’t enough.

The first thing you should do, then, is get a trim. This will seem ironic and stupid. Why have your hair shortened when you’re growing it in the first place? The point here is to have a trim—not to cut everything off. In any case, you simply need to trim the ends (or at least one fourth length of your hair) to make sure your current hair is undamaged and healthy. Unhealthy hair can reach to the top of the head (your scalp) can cause breakage. When hair growing, you need to make sure you’re starting properly. And you start properly by making sure your hair is healthy.

Many people probably think that long hair growing does not require products (it might even require less use of such products). But this isn’t generally the case. When long hair growing, you can use moisturizers and conditioners. In a nutshell, dry hair can lead to breakage; moisturized hair means your hair is strong enough to withstand the usual abuse it receives. And speaking of abuse, you can promote hair health by getting out of the sun’s way. The sun, it goes without saying can really damage your hair.

When hair growing, you want to expose your hair to minimal factors that can lead to damage and hair health problems. This includes minimal hair manipulation—curling, ironing, coloring, among others. Granted, there are safe ways to do all these. But would you risk it? Will you really expose your hair to such potential damaging factors? There is need no need for the oft-said practice of brushing the hair 100 times before you sleep. A hair health golden rule when hair growing: the less you mess with your hair, the better.

Be gentle to your hair; pressure and damage can affect hair growing. As much as possible, avoid the use of chemicals or procedures that require the use of chemicals. Another rule when it comes it hair health: natural is golden. The more natural your hair, the healthier it is. Unlike what salons and beauty parlors say, your hair can do without those modern procedures that can supposedly help you and your hair. People’s hair has done without these procedures for several years; what makes it different today? Granted, there are more pollutants today than years ago—but using shampoos (more so conditioners) was not the norm then.