National Geographic Software Review Bakersfield CA

Traverse the earth, explore cultures or view city lights from distant satellites through National Geographic 3D Globe. This program includes every aspect of geography from physical maps to complex social issues. Learn more about the features of this mapping software and what it has to offer you in Bakersfield right here in this product review.

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National Geographic Software Review

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TopTenREVIEWS - Gold Award - Awarded for excellence in design, useability and feature set

Traverse the earth, explore cultures or view city lights from distant satellites through National Geographic 3D Globe. This program includes every aspect of geography from physical maps to complex social issues and receives our “TopTenREVIEWS Gold Award.”

National Geographic offers the only software package that covers every concept included in the National Geography Standards and is the perfect study companion for aspiring geography bee champions. 3D Globe is a comprehensive program that does not shy away from complex issues that older geography students are ready to explore.

This product scored above National Geographic Maps because it offers all of the information, and is an easier product to use. National Geographic is for older kids who are moving beyond location and into more advance geography concepts such as social, political and environmental relationships.

Major Areas Covered:  Excellent

National Geographic 3D Globe covers all subjects, from US and world physical geography to in–depth cultural and economic data.

Topics Covered:  Excellent

This product offers more relevant geography information than any other product available. As you mouse over the 3D virtual globe, simple select any country to access a wealth of information pertaining to that country. For example, for Mexico, this software offers information on climate, the people, health, education, economy, resources, communications, tourism, wealth, politics, media, environment, crime, international affairs, defense, international aid and a time line of the countries history – and that is just one country! Not only does it offer information relating to these subjects it also goes into complex topics such as development, population density, ethnic groups, political issues and transportation.

This is a perfect product for kids who are writing papers on or researching a country for school. Not only does the program offer pages of information, pictures, charts and more, but also contains a list of additional resources for every country, so students can look further into subjects. Kids can also compare countries and view over 400,000 cities, detailed country borders and natural features.

The second disc, of the two–disc set, includes a variety of maps including satellite, biomes, night light (a view of the world at night so you can see heavily populated areas) and physical maps. All the maps are zoomable and the physical maps show 3D images of volcanoes, mountain ranges and tectonic plates.

Teaching Tools:  Good

This product consists of a series of interactive maps. It scores low in the teaching tools criteria not because it is low on information, but because it does not include games or quizzes. This program primarily relates information through instructional text, interactive maps and images.

However, the interactive maps include many different features such as the ability to zoom in and out and you can quickly change the map view of the same area. For example, you can change between the physical map and the satellite map in seconds.

This product is most suitable for older children, junior high age, to adults. It is an excellent resource tool for projects and research and offers a wealth of mapped data.

Ease of Use:  Very Good

Once installed the software is easy to use. The main program launches the 3D globe that you can mouse over to explore and rotate the earth; a right click will bring up several features such as the zoom and country details.

However, we had to download the entire first disc, versus the quick option that you would use to save hard drive space, to get it to run. And the second disc was difficult to install. We would recommend that someone with computer experience install the software.


National Geographic 3D Globe is the most comprehensive yet easy to use program we reviewed. From junior high to college, this can help students write excellent papers, master geography bees and see the world in a completely new way.

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