Pets Bakersfield CA

Keeping your pet healthy and happy is of the utmost importance, and this can include visits to the vet, regular exercise, a good diet and training. Read on for more information about pet care and find local services in Bakersfield to help you take care of your beloved animal.

Border Collie Care Bakersfield CA

Perhaps one of the most active dog breeds, Border Collies are well known as herding dogs due to their energy and general temperament. So how should you take care of a Border Collie? What can kind of dog training should you give it in order to become the perfect house pet?

Finding a Golden Retriever Rescue Shelter Bakersfield CA

A lot of people prefer the Golden Retriever breed because of its temperament and its looks. But instead of purchasing a Golden Retriever from a pet shop or a puppy mill, it’s much better for you to look for a golden retriever rescue shelter.

Veterinarians Bakersfield CA

Veterinarians, or Doctors of Veterinary Medicine, are the doctors who provide medical care for animals. A majority of veterinarians specialize in pet medicine and treat dogs, cats, and other small, domesticated animals. However, some other specialties include, but are not limited to livestock medicine, equine medicine, and reptile medicine. A couple of the more common procedures veterinarians provide are declawing, spaying, and neutering. Veterinarians typically work out of an animal clinic or animal hospital. To take care of all your pet health needs, see below to locate a veterinarian in Bakersfield, CA.