Self Storage Redding CA

Self storage is short for self-service storage, and is also commonly referred to as mini storage. Individuals typically rent self storage to store personal items, while businesses often use self storage to store excessive inventory or archived records. The rented spaces are often referred to as units, lockers, and rooms. The facility manager does not take ownership of the items stored, and often cannot access the storage units. For items sensitive to extreme heat or cold, there are often climate-controlled units. See below to locate self storage in Redding, CA.

Meredith Center Mini Storage
(530) 241-9999
5242 Westside Road
Redding, CA
Bryant`s Security Storage
(530) 275-2591
13764 Holiday Road
Redding, CA
Tarmac E-Z Storage
(530) 222-5035
2909 Tarmac Road
Redding, CA
Aspin RV & Mini Storage
(530) 223-1626
1845 Aspin Avenue
Redding, CA
AAA Mini & RV Storage
2680 Tarmac Road
Redding, CA
Colonial West Security Storage
(530) 241-8241
3100 South Street
Redding, CA
4 Corners RV & Mini Storage
(530) 222-6464
1222 Hartnell Avenue # C
Redding, CA
Avalon Storage
(530) 221-1321
8645 Airport Road
Redding, CA
Mountain Gate Recreational Storage
(530) 275-4497
14534 Wonderland Boulevard
Redding, CA
Bayon Storage
(530) 221-1640
3025 Twin View Boulevard
Shasta Lake, CA