Super Talent DH series 4GB Pen Drive Redding CA

Today we are speed testing the Super Talent DH series of pen drives to see if it can be the world's fastest. You'll have to read the following review to find out if it really is the fastest USB memory key in the world.

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Super Talent DH series 4GB Pen Drive

Super Talent DH series put to the test

Super Talent might not be the first memory brand that springs to mind; although they have a wide range of competitive products and we're taking a quick look here at what they're claiming is the world's fastest USB 2.0 memory key. It's always amusing when you get sent a product for review that claims world's fastest, since they rarely are. The Super Talent DH series of USB memory keys are "Ultra-fast 200x" and they have a claimed read speed of 30MB/s. We tested out the 4GB version but the DH series comes in sizes ranging from 512MB to 8GB.

So what did we do? Well, we put it up against the fastest USB pen drive we've tested to date, the Corsair Flash Voyager GT (8GB version). First up we did a couple of simple copy tests, we used a 758MB AVI file and copied it from a Seagate Barracuda 7200.11 SATA-II hard drive connected to an Intel SATA-II controller to both drives. It took 58 seconds for this file to be copied to the Super Talent DH drive, while it took 25 seconds less for the Corsair Flash Voyager GT, which finished in 33 seconds. Copying the same file back to the hard drive took 26 seconds for both drives, which would suggest a limitation somewhere along the line.

Moving on to some more sophisticated benchmarks, we loaded up HD Tach to see what these puppies could do. As you can see from the graph below, they're neck and neck. The burst speed for both drives is so close that you won't notice any difference, but Corsair edged ahead by 200kB/s. Again, the average read speed is very close, but this time Super Talent won by 300kB/s. The random access time for the Super Talent was twice as fast as the Corsair at 0.6ms compared to 1.2ms, but we're talking silly speeds here and these drives are super fast.

The only thing that seemed to stand out was the higher CPU utilization of the Corsair drive, but this wouldn't be something to worry about, as it's very low. We had an email from a reader stating that he got increased speeds by formatting his Corsair Flash Voyager in NTFS and we figured we'd give it a quick go - the results aren't anything like what he seemed to get. The Corsair drive improved its burst speed from 33.8MB/s to 35MB/s, but nothing else was improved. As for the Super Talent, well, it gained 200kB/s, although its average read speed dropped by 300kB/s. The results might vary depending on your USB drive, but we didn't have much success.

In terms of design, the Super Talent DH series is pretty plain; it comes in black or grey and is housed in an aluminium body. It's just a shame that the cap is made from plastic and it's black even on the grey version. It comes with password protection software and the rear lights up in red when it's plugged in or accessed. Super Talent claims over 10 year's data retention and the DH series comes with a limited lifetime warranty. The physical dimensions are 64.5 x 16.8 x 7.1 mm (LxWxD) which makes it fairly small.

Final Thoughts

Is it the world's fastest drive?

Well, the Super Talent DH series sure is fast, but it's not that much faster to make a difference, at least not compared to the Corsair Flash Voyager GT series.

You won't regret buying one, as it is definitely one of the fastest drives on the market. It's always great to have a lot of choice and this is a good choice if you're after a super fast USB pen drive.

As far as price goes, we tested out the 4GB version and it comes in at only $40 USD but it was a little hard to find.

- Pros
Fast, very fast
Aluminium housing
Fairly small
LED indicator

- Cons
Maybe not the world's fastest
Plastic cap

Rating - 9 out of 10

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