The Four Seasons Bakersfield CA

The Four Seasons Hotel and Resorts is dedicated to superior hotel design, quality, care, and, most importantly, customer service. This focus on hospitality service is the hotel's service, corporate, and employee credo, allowing the company to become a fixture in the hotel industry. For more information about the services available at the Four Seasons, read the following article.

Four Seasons Hotel Los Angeles at Beverly Hills
(310) 273-2222
300 South Doheny Drive
Los Angeles, CA
Four Seasons Hotel Silicon Valley at East Palo Alto
(650) 566-1200
2050 University Avenue
East Palo Alto, CA
Four Seasons Hotel San Francisco
(415) 633-3000
757 Market Street
San Francisco, CA
Best Western Heritage Inn
(661) 764-6268
253 Trask St
Bakersfield, CA
Bakersfield Lodge
(661) 327-7901
1219 S Union Ave
Bakersfield, CA
Four Seasons Hotel Westlake Village,California
(818) 575-3000
Two Dole Drive
Westlake Village, CA
Four Seasons Resort The Biltmore Santa Barbara
(805) 969-2261
1260 Channel Drive
Santa Barbara, CA
Beverly Wilshire in Beverly Hills
(310) 275-5200
9500 Wilshire Boulevard
Beverly Hills, CA
Customer's Bargain Mart
(661) 327-2239
3215 Chester Ave
Bakersfield, CA
El Don Motel
(661) 324-4635
800 S Union Ave
Bakersfield, CA

The Four Seasons

When choosing a hotel, some individuals desire a quality, comfortable room. Others want a place that's well known for its high-end customer service and commitment to care. What if it were possible to get all these things in one hotel? The Four Seasons Hotel and Resorts is dedicated to superior hotel design, quality, care, and, most importantly, customer service. This focus on hospitality service is the hotel's service, corporate, and employee credo, allowing the company to become a fixture in the hotel industry. The Four Seasons Hotel and Resort is a Canadian-based company that was established in 1960 by CEO, Isadore “Issy” Sharp. During the following years, the Four Seasons expanded its brand to Europe, major United States cities, Canada, Africa, and Asia. Currently, the Four Seasons has focused on a number of new incentives that both help its company and customer commitments at the national and international levels. Interested guests can make a number of different reservations. In order to make a reservation, a guest simply need to choose a particular destination. Additionally, there are a number of multiple-package destinations available. Some destination locations include the Hawaiian Islands, Milan and Florence, Hong Kong and Macau, Buenos Aires and Carmelo, Los Angeles and Santa Barbara, and Vancouver and Whistler. When booking a multiple-destination package, a guest can speak to a Four Seasons representative, ensuring that his/her trip and hotel accommodations are easy to make and enjoy. Additionally, this one on one attention allows a guest to ensure that his/her stay is as comfortable as possible. In addition to multiple destination trips, the Four Seasons also offers smaller, but not less comfortable rooms. For those who enjoy luxury and privacy, the Four Seasons offers private residence rentals. The Four Seasons also offers specials on certain room reservations. On moderate room accommodations, the Four Seasons offers up to 75 credits. Other room reservations can be booked from 300 to 475 dollars a night, with a special rates offered on weekends, holidays, and extended third nights. However, these rates vary depending on location, so it's important to consult with the individual hotel before making your choice. Although there are a number of rooms one can book, the packages are the most cost-efficient, as well as popular. The Bed & Breakfast package is offered for 505 U.S. dollars a night. The Bed & Breakfast package is offered Monday to Thursday for $505 a night. A less expensive option can be booked from Friday to Sunday for 405 dollars a night. If you and your significant other want to have time to yourselves, you can book the Romantic Getaway Package for 458 a night. For families, there's the 410 dollar a night option. Again, each accommodation and its concurrent amenities depends on the location, so it's important to check the availability of these rates at the appropriate hotel. Other than hotel reservations, the Four Seasons is dedicated to quality service on the corporate level. When it comes to employees and services, guests and their needs are the Four Seasons main priority. On the company website, the company's mission statement echoes the golden rule, which says that all employees of the Four Seasons Hotels treat guests, representatives, coworkers, etc. as they would like to be treated. This is the most important, fundamental aspect of the Four Seasons service statement. This commitment to quality care can be seen in the services the Four Seasons provides. This is especially seen in the Four Seasons dedicated to personal service. Although guests at the Four Seasons may expect just a room to use for a night or two, the Four Seasons strives to meet every need that the guest wants, needs, and desires. Services for guests are done efficiently, but not without care. For example, at a Four Seasons, a guest can get used to valet parking, speedy check in, prompt and thorough room cleanings, and a 24 hour staff availability for any problems, issues, or wants a guest may have. The Four Seasons ensures this quality care by finding the time to read through individual reviews, both positive and negative. When there are negative reviews of the hotel, a hotel employee writes a personal response to the unsatisfied guest. One of the newest services for guests at the Four Seasons has been the welcoming of families. In recent years, the Four Seasons, typically a luxury hotel for high-end travelers, has included families traveling with children into their commitment to service. For example, many hotels have teen centers, teen lounges, babysitting facilities, etc. Additionally, each child-centered amenity is run by an established employee who can supervise and manage age appropriate activities. Additionally, with the aging of baby boomers, the Four Seasons has also added amenities for the elderly, and couples traveling without children. All of these specific focus help ensure that the Four Seasons has satisfied guests who have been helped in a personal, professional way. For guests who enjoy these personal touches and amenities, the Four Seasons also makes sure that their services and special offers do not become mundane, especially for returning costumers. Currently, some Four Season hotels in the United States are adding a holiday cocktail menu to their lounges and bars. Most Four Seasons offer a rotating, health children's menu for families that are traveling, and for those who want to relax, the Four Seasons spa is the place to go. The Four Seasons in Palm Springs added an ocean memory treatment, which is an 80 minute rejuvenating treatment that includes an exfoliating scrub, massage, and a marine wrap. In addition to the spas, steam rooms, and whirlpools, men also receive special treatment in the form of a men's salon. In this salon, men can receive nail, hair, and shaving services. Those who want to take the spa treatment home can purchase the Four Season's spa line for home use. For guests who enjoy dining, the Four Seasons offers a variety of menu and drink choices. Additionally, the menus change, depending on the hotel's location and the time of year. As the name implies, Four Seasons is taken literary. At some locations, there are holiday baking contests, where guests can submit their best holiday recipes for a chance to win bragging rights and a dinner and a one night stay at the hotel. Other events focus on a particular type of cooking, whether it's healthy or cultural. Some Four Seasons also have a holiday lunches, charity events, and banquets. Although the Four Seasons focuses on guest services and a dedication to guest relations, they also give to the community and charities. The Hampshire Four Seasons takes part in a rigorous recycling program that not only involves recycling materials, but also involves up keeping and preserving the 500-acre property. Additionally, the Four Seasons hotel chain strives for positive economic impact and actions by using energy saving appliances and conservation materials. In addition to its environmental activism, the Four Seasons offers support for individuals in the surrounding communities via the use of youth mentoring programs and services. However, it is the Four Seasons annual fund raiser for cancer research that is perhaps the most well known and pertinent charitable cause. If you're looking for a hotel that can offer luxury, professional, and personalized service, then the Four Seasons hotel is perfect. Because its staff and corporate credo is focused on the golden rule-treating others in the same way as you would like to be treated- the Four Seasons can uphold its commitment to its customers. With the changing of the global economy and population, the Four Seasons has constantly reinvented itself to promote new, innovative services, programs, and guest services. This developments coupled with the hotel's charitable acts and professional standards allow it to be one the most well-known, quality hotels in the world today. To make a reservation or to learn more about the Four Seasons, please visit their website at