Tips on Real Estate Investment Sacramento CA

Learn how to become a real estate bird dog in Sacramento during this depressed real estate market to make huge profits. Once you learn the steps and process you can be on your way to earning $5,000 per month, by locating properties.

Brokers USA Commercial Real Estate
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351 King Street
San Francisco, CA
(866) 618-8088
4300 Stevens Creek Blvd Suite 275
San Jose, CA
(714) 990-2733
1065 Brea Mall
Brea, CA
swanigan real estate inves
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1240 east ontario avenue suite # 309
corona, CA
Park Paseo
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123 S. Isabel Street
Glendale, CA
Pearlman CTA - Tehachapi Asset Management
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Tehachapi , CA
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888 Disneyland Dr. Suite 500
Anaheim, CA
August Farms & Dry Creek Land Company
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P. O. Box 27288
Fresno, CA
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1010 W. Chapman Ave, Suite 210
Anaheim, CA
Asor Note Buyers
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3521 Gravenstein Hwy. N
Sebastopol, CA

Tips on Real Estate Investment

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Become a Real Estate Bird Dog to reach Success in No money Down Investing!

Author: Donte Mazyck

Real Estate Bird Dog Training

Donte Mazyck is the acquistions manager for BofC a web based company that buys houses. BofC teaches and train new investors for free how to become real estate bird dogs or efficient property locators. The reason BofC provides free training is to eventually become joint venture partners with bird dogs so the bird dog can service leads for their local city. BofC only wants one partner per city. For more information you can go to Real Estate Bird Dog or by calling 888-219-8619 ex 750.

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