VisionTek GeForce3 Graphics Card Modesto CA

VisionTek has been working closely with nVidia on the GeForce3. the VisionTek GeForce3 follows an almost identical reference design by nVidia.

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VisionTek GeForce3 Graphics Card


The nVidia GeForce3 GPU has been talked about and anticipated for quite a while, ever since the announcement at the Intel Developer Forum many months ago. VisionTek, incidentally is the first company to bring a production level GeForce3 graphics card to both OEM and retail markets - As nVidia and VisionTek are both based in the USA, shipping is much quicker enabling VisionTek to produce cards quicker. The VisionTek GeForce3 is our first GeForce3 graphics card to hit the TweakTown labs, and myself and the rest of the team are very excited to say the very least!

VisionTek have been working closely with nVidia on the GeForce3, that close in fact that the VisionTek GeForce3 follows an almost identical reference design, by nVidia. nVidia have shown in the past that they are more than capable at producing top quality reference designs, this is why I feel companies such as VisionTek are more confident in choosing to use the same reference design as nVidia create - Without making changes to the board layout and so forth, which can push back the release date. In the case of the nVidia GeForce3, it was the drivers which pushed back the release data of the product. I wasn’t the only person which felt a shiver when 11.01 detonator drivers were leaked on various tech sites, was I?

I can personally remember the day that the nVidia GeForce GPU was announced. As I was repairing computers during work experience... I wondered if we would ever see anything better than the GeForce 256, I doubted it. It turned out I was wrong, very very wrong. Since the release of the GeForce 256, nVidia have fined tuned the original GeForce 256 GPU and created the GeForce2 GTS, Ultra and Pro and now the impressive GeForce3, by adopting features from the original GeForce GPU design and improving them over the last couple years - Note however, the GeForce3 GPU is a totally new GPU. Since the release of the GeForce 256, I was one of those people who just had to have a nVidia based GeForce graphics card inside my system - Purely for the fact that they are all amazing GPU’s built with no exception for speed and graphics quality with excellent driver support for a range of different platforms, even Linux distributions. The GeForce3 is no different, it is a pure speedster with unrivaled graphics quality, which with no question, will blow you away.

This now brings us to another interesting question - Since nVidia now own 3DFX, who is going to challenge nVidia in the graphics market? Sure there are smaller companies like ATi and STMicro, but in all seriousness they are much smaller than nVidia and hold much less global market share. So, who is going to stop nVidia? At this moment it would seem nobody. This gives nVidia the freedom to control the market as they wish. This can be bad, but for the moment it seems fine, but we’ll see what happens in the future - Make sure you have your seat belt on just in case, we could be in for one rough ride.

We are not going to explain all the features of the GeForce3 as a GPU in detail, in this review. We are reviewing the VisionTek GeForce3 graphics card, not the nVidia GeForce3 GPU. If you want to gain more knowledge of the features of the GeForce3 GPU itself, I suggest you check out AnandTech or Tom’s Hardware or any other sites who have documented the features of the GeForce3 GPU earlier on.

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