Wall Bracing Products Review Redding CA

The EZ Beaver bracing system reduces the number of workers needed, while setting and stripping twice the foundations and additions in Redding.

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Wall Bracing Products Review

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Publication date: March 1, 2007


System reduces worker requirements

The EZ Beaver bracing system reduces the number of workers needed, while setting and stripping twice the foundations and additions. Stakes are driven into solid ground 6-in. back from the footings, which ensure more stability. The wide plate allows two adjoining forms to be set flush and secure, eliminating the need for toe nailing.

  • BBS Prism, 480-560-8669, www.beaverbracing.com
Trussing and bracing save time

The Racker trussing and bracing system reduces time-consuming measurements and serves as top and bottom chord bracing, as well as permanent lateral bracing. The system is pre-notched for accurate spacing (24-in. or 16-in. on-center). This approach eliminates the need for measurements, spacer blocks, and other systems. It can be used on masonry, as well as wood-frame structures.

  • Wizard Distribution Inc., 866-781-8033, www.wizarddistribution.com
Product used single-side or back-to-back

The Adjust-It bracing system is used for single-side or back-to-back arrangements to support the construction of masonry walls. In single-side applications, it can be used as a pipe brace, with above- or below-ground deadweights on CMU walls up to 27-ft high. The back-to-back setup uses a through-bolt that ensures the braces are opposite each other. Installation of the bracing systems requires two laborers.

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