Working With AV System Owners Modesto CA

AV system providers in Modesto can greatly affect a project's outcome, but the AV system owners who contractually set up the project process also share this responsibility.

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Working With AV System Owners

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Source: PRO AV Magazine
Publication date: May 1, 2006

By Tim Cape, CTS-D

I often hear stories about pro AV integration projects. Some are good, some are bad, and some are downright ugly. They come from a variety of perspectives — from the owner, the architect, the end-user, the AV consultant, and the AV integrator.

In the good ones, everyone plays their part well. In the bad ones, one or more of the project participants fail to perform from a lack of experience, knowledge, or both. Of course, it's never the teller of the story.

When projects don't go well it's sometimes the AV design and installation team that's the culprit. However, it can also be the owner and/or the architectural team causing trouble.

When the owner is the party making things difficult, it generally trickles down the food chain. The parameters of the problems are many, including the end-users' availability, the owner's AV teams' capabilities (or even existence), their place in the organization, the owner's contracting process and requirements, or even political problems within the owner's organization.

Problems can sometimes also occur in projects where the AV contract is well written, but the project is badly managed. And likewise, even the best management may not be able to compensate for a poorly structured AV contract.

Many problems stem from the owner's lack of understanding of the AV design and installation process and/or its impact on the building.

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